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Assistive Technology Loans
Assistive Technology Loans can be used for any type of assistive technology device or service, including vehicle modifications and home modifications.
AT loan details

WCB Loans
We manage the Washington Council of the Blind’s Member Equipment Loan Fund. If you are a WCB member, you can apply for a Zero Interest Loan for assistive technology that helps mitigate the impact of blindness or low vision and/or hearing impairment or deaf-blindness. WCB Zero Interest loan details

Business Loans
Business Equipment Loans can be used for business equipment and related services that will enable you to work as an entrepreneur or an employee. For example, to set up a business you might need a loan to purchase a computer and a fax machine. Business Equipment loan details


Individual Development Accounts (Matched Savings)
Double your money with an Individual Development Account! “IDAs” are matched savings accounts established to help low-income households purchase important assets. Every dollar a person saves is matched by one dollar. The Washington Access Fund has two pilot programs for IDAs — an Assistive Technology IDA and a Business Equipment IDA. IDA details